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Dane County Community Development Block Grant

Economic Development

The Dane County Human Services’ Housing Access and Affordability Division is proud to partner with the Madison Economic Regional Partnership (MadREP) to support economic development in Dane County. MadREP provides Dane County a number of economic development supports for businesses interested in remaining in, and locating in, Dane County. For more information about MadREP, please visit:


Revolving Loan Fund

The Dane County Human Services’ Housing Access and Affordability Division also offers low-interest loans to businesses and organizations located outside of Madison that commit to creating or retaining jobs for low- and moderate- income residents of Dane County. CDBG loans are generally intended for high-risk borrowers that have difficulty securing financing from non-federal sources. Loans must be used for eligible CDBG activities, including (but not limited to): fixed assets; machinery and equipment; and working capital.

Dane County has two revolving loan funds (RLFs) that have separate, on-going application cycles. Both funds have been crucial in providing funding for small business development and expansion in the Dane County Urban Consortium.


Micro Business Loan (MBL) Program

Dane County's MBL program provides loans of $1,500 to $8,000 to eligible small businesses (businesses with 5 or fewer employees) located in Dane County outside the City of Madison for the purpose of establishing a new business or creating jobs for low- and moderate-income (LMI) County residents.