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Dane County Community Development Block Grant

Funding Opportunities

Each year Dane County develops an Annual Action Plan for the expenditure of CDBG and HOME funds expected to be received by HUD for the following calendar year. Action Plans are developed as part of a 5-Year Consolidated Plan which provides the basis and strategy for the use of federal funds allocated to Dane County over the five year period. The Annual Action and Consolidated Plans are developed with significant citizen participation outreach and consultation including public hearings, surveys, and focus groups.

CDBG and HOME Funding Categories are based on the five-year Consolidated Plan

2025 Application Process

The 2025 CDBG & HOME Request for Proposals (RFP) process opens April 17,  2024. After the RFP window closes, the Application Review Team (a subcommittee of the CDBG Commission), will meet to review and score applications, and allow for presentations from the applicants.  They will make preliminary funding recommendations to the CDBG Commission, and final recommendations after a scheduled public hearing.  All funding recommendations are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee, Personnel and Finance Committee, and the County Board. All meetings are publicly noticed.  You can view previous years RFPs and applications here:


Dane County has issued the following Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the 2025 CDBG/HOME and HOME-ARP program funds:  

  1. CDBG – Economic Assistance - RFP #2024-CDBG-032-PR
  2. CDBG – Major Home Rehabilitation – RFP #2024-CDBG-033-PR 
  3. CDBG – Minor Home Repair – RFP #2024-CDBG-034-PR 
  4. CDBG  - Mortgage Reduction – RFP #2024-CDBG-035-PR
  5. CDBG – New Rental Construction – RFP #2024-CDBG-036-PR
  6. CDBG – Public Facilities – RFP #2024-CDBG-037-PR
  7. CDBG – Public Services – RFP #2024-CDBG-038-PR
  8. CDBG – Rental Rehabilitation – RFP #2024-CDBG-039-PR
  9. CDBG – Tenant Based Rental Assistance – RFP  #2024-CDBG-031-PR
  10. CDBG – Public Infrastructure – RFP  #2024-CDBG-040-PR
  11. CDBG – Fair Housing  - RFP  #2024-CDBG-060-PR  
  12. HOME American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) – RFP #2024-CDBG-062-PR

Please use the above links to access each RFP posting.

All questions must be submitted via the Dane County OpenGov eProcurement Portal by May 17th, 2024 at 2:00pm.

All RFP responses are due on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 2:00pm.

Electronic Bid Submission

  • Dane County no longer accepts hard copy bid submissions.
  • Proposals must be submitted via the Dane County OpenGov eProcurement Portal.
  • Late, faxed, mailed, hand-delivered or unsigned proposals will be rejected.
  • Plan ahead – late submissions due to technical difficulties will be rejected.


RFP Vendor Conferences

Dane County is hosting two vendor conferences for the 2025 CDBG/HOME and HOME-ARP RFPs.  Registration is required. Both vendor conferences will be held virtually by Zoom.




Dane County held workshops on the 2025 CDBG/HOME and HOME-ARP funding opportunities.  For information and to view the presentation slides, please see below.




2024 Grant Awards

In 2023, the CDBG/HOME Unit issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), soliciting applications for the 2024 grant funding. Agencies that were awarded funding provided project goals and outcomes that were in line with the 5-year Consolidated Plan, and will be included in the 2024 Annual Action Plan.