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Dane County Community Development Block Grant

CDBG Commission

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Commission is charged with the oversight of the County's administration of the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program. Per County Ordinance 15.40, the CDBG Commission's duties include:

  • Recommend to the county board and county executive plans, including amendments thereto, for use of federal housing and urban development funds, including CDBG and HOME funds, that are consistent with federal requirements, effectively address the needs of low and moderate income people, and consider the community and housing development goals of participating communities;
  • Foster participation of citizens and local officials in making decisions on use of funds through the Citizen Participation Plan, public hearings, and other means;
  • Oversee a process in which contracts for CDBG and HOME services are awarded on a competitive basis;
  • Review proposals for financial assistance to determine if the proposals meet federal requirements, and are cost effective projects that meet the goals and objectives of plans approved by the county board and county executive and the federal government;
  • Recommend to the county board and county executive approval of contracts and contract revisions for funding priority;
  • Evaluate performance of contractors performing funded activities, including such information as is reasonably necessary for such evaluation;
  • Oversee cooperation agreements between Dane County and participating local jurisdictions;
  • Make other recommendations to the county board and county executive for policies, programs, and administration to achieve CDBG and HOME purposes of providing housing, economic opportunity, and community development and services benefiting low and moderate income people in participating communities.

Upcoming Meetings

The CDBG Commission usually meets on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month, unless there is a conflict with a religious holiday or County Board meeting.  Meeting agendas are publicly noticed and meetings are open to the public.

2024 CDBG Commission Meeting Schedule


For a listing of meeting minutes and agendas please visit the Dane County Legislative Information Center page.



The 13-member CDBG Commission is appointed by the County Executive and members have interest and expertise in housing, economic development, and community services. The  Commission’s membership includes two County Board Supervisors representing districts wholly outside the City of Madison, two at-large citizen members, and nine members who are residents of and represent the towns, villages, and cities of the Dane County Urban County Consortium.


If you are interested in applying for an appointment with the CDBG Commission, please complete an application on the Dane County Citizen's Application for Appointment to a Dane County Committee, Commission, or Board webpage.




The CDBG Commission administers CDBG/HOME program funding in Dane County outside of the City of Madison. A sub-committee of the CDBG Commission reviews and scores applications submitted as part of the annual competitive application process and loan applications.  The recommendations of the sub-committee are then presented to the CDBG Commission and must be approved by the County Board.

The CDBG Commission plays an integral role in monitoring activities carried out in furtherance of the Consolidated Plan including the timeliness of expenditures and sub-recipient accountability. Staff update the CDBG Commission with monthly reports detailing the expenditures of funds by sub-recipients and the status of RLF loans. Sub-recipients that are not expending funds in a timely manner are then asked to report to the full CDBG Commission as to corrective actions that are being undertaken to resolve expenditure issues and may face reallocation of funds and other future sanctions.

The CDBG Commission reviews and updates their work plan to address the identified impediments to fair housing choice. This is updated following the end of the calendar year in order for the CDBG Commission to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions undertaken during the prior year. Applications for housing, and the resulting units, to be assisted with CDBG and HOME funds are reviewed to assure that the housing is fully available to all residents of the community, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, handicap, or familial status.