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Dane County Community Development Block Grant

Revolving Loan Fund

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development offers low-interest loans to businesses and organizations located outside of Madison that commit to creating or retaining jobs for low- and moderate- income residents of Dane County. CDBG loans are generally intended for high-risk borrowers that have difficulty securing financing from non-federal sources. Loans must be used for eligible CDBG activities, including (but not limited to): fixed assets; machinery and equipment; and working capital.

Dane County has two revolving loan funds (RLFs) that have separate, on-going application cycles. Both funds have been crucial in providing funding for small business development and expansion in the Dane County Urban Consortium.

Commercial Revitalization Loan Fund (CRLF)

  • Provides financing to businesses and real estate development projects that help revitalize downtown and commercial districts.

Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund (ED-RLF)

  • Provides gap financing to businesses that create jobs, 51% of which must go to low-and moderate- income persons.
  • The objectives of the RLF programs are to:
  • - Expand or modernize existing or locally owned and managed enterprises -
  • - Promote infill development and commercial redevelopment in downtown and traditional business districts -
  •  - Encourage the creation or retention of employment opportunities for low and moderate income County residents -
  • - Leverage new private investment in downtown business districts and traditional business districts -
  • - Promote developments that are pedestrian friendly, that encourage a range of transportation options, and that enhance civic life -
  • - To implement Dane County and local community revitalization goals and objectives -
  • - Assist businesses with high-value added products or services, especially in the agricultural sector -
  • - Assist dairy farmers with capital improvements resulting in an increase in milk production -
  • Loans are available to for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and municipalities, outside the City of Madison.